Joe Anderson The 2018 Music Exchange Tour to China will be written in my memory for years to come, some pieces perhaps forever. China is the third country I have visited, the [...]

Tingle Brenna Unforgettable Memories  Over the course of two weeks, from July 13th to July 27th, I set out on a journey to discover and learn new knowledge overseas. From visiting museums [...]

Alexander Le-Nguyen The cultural exchange that I experienced in both Hong Kong and China was interesting. In sharing both knowledge and techniques about the instruments and our personal experience allowed me to [...]

During the CYCO China trip, I performed with a lot of other people. I learned how to cooperate with other musicians and how to listen and pay attention to different speeds when I am [...]

Sophie Luo As an Erhu player of the Canadian Youth Chinese Orchestra in 2018, I was given the wondrous opportunity to tour and perform in five different cities of China alongside other [...]