2018 May 27th


Unionville Presbyterian Church

600 Village Pkwy, Markham, ON L3R 6C2

红枫青年华乐团 CYCO

老六板随想曲 – 改编 周嘉丽 吴立鹏
Lao Liuban Cappricio
Rearranged by Amely Zhou, Lipeng Wu
笛子古筝重奏 Dizi and Guzheng

沂蒙山小调 – 山东民歌
Tune from Yimeng Mountain – Shandong Folk Song
二胡齐奏 Erhu Ensemble

将军令 – 彭修文 編曲
General’s Command, Rearranged by Xiuwen Peng

Billie Jean – 迈克杰克逊 – 周嘉丽 编曲
Micheal Jackson, Rearranged by Amely Zhou

小苹果 – 王太利 作曲 郑光智 编曲
Little Apple – Composed by Taili Wang
Rearranged by Guang-Chih Zheng

加拿大小交響樂團青年團 CSYO
Conductor Joanna Ng

四季調 Four Seasons Suite, Arr. Tak Ng Lai
琵琶歌 Song of Pipa,  Arr. Tak Ng Lai

加拿大小交響樂團青年團 CSYO
Conductor Tak Ng Lai

二泉映月 Two lakes of moonlight Arr. Tak Ng Lai
Soloist: Doris Hua, Violin

月光下的凤尾竹 Bambusa  Nocturne, Arr. Tak Ng Lai
Soloist: Julia Jin, Hulusi (葫蘆絲)

百靈鳥你這美妙的歌手 The wonderful singing Mongolian Lark
哈薩克民歌 Kazakh folk song
Soloist: Yuki Zhong, Soprano

小河淌水 Flowing Stream
雲南民歌 Yunnan folk song
Soloist: Yuki Zhong, Soprano


花鼓调 – 吴朝胜 编曲
Flower Drum Song, Rearranged by Chiu Shing Ng

Doris Hua is 12 years old. She started violin at the age of 4, but started lessons with Mr. Tak Ng Lai at the age of 5. She is currently playing in the first row of the first violin in the Canadian Sinfonietta Youth Orchestra, but for the tour this summer she is the section leader for second violin. She finished Grade 10 Violin in Spring of 2017. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing and travel

Julia Jin started piano and flute in the young age and began to learn the Hulusi (葫芦丝) through her mother at age 8. In the later years, Julia studied Hulusi, BaWu (巴乌) and Ocarina (陶笛) with Chinese well-known music performer, Hung Zhao (赵洪). She participated in many in-school and community competitions and was honored to perform under the baton of renowned cultural instrumental conductor, FuBin Li.(李复斌). Immigrated to Canada, Julia promotes the traditional Chinese cultural music to many venues in the Country including in Toronto and Prince Edward Island. With the unique sound and skillful technique of Julia’s playing, she was invited to perform for one of the major multicultural festivals in P.E.I for two years. She is becoming the rising star in the Toronto Chinese community

Yuki Zhang, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in China. In 2013 she graduated in vocal master class given by Professor Roxolana Roslak at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. Currently, she is a member of Chinese Artists’ Society of Toronto, and CHN-CAN International Cultural Artists’ Federation. She was a vocal judge in 2017, and 2018 at the Canadian Young Artists’ International Music Competition. And in 2017, she hosted a successful recital concert in Toronto.