July 14-16: Hong Kong
Performance Date: July 15

Performed at  Leung Sing Tak Primary School
Collaborated with Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra

July 16-22: Dongguan
Performance Date: July 18

Performed at  Dongguan Youth and Children’s Center
Collaborated with Dongguan Youth and Children’s Center Chinese Orchestra

July 22-23: Jiangmen & Taishan
Performance Date: July 22

Performed at  Jiangmen Huiyue Plaza
Collaborated with Jiangmen Youth Chamber Orchestra, Jiangmen HBand Ensemble

July 23-27: Fuoshan-Nanhai
Performance Date: July 25

Performed at Shimen Experimental Middle School
Collaborated with Shimen Experimental Middle School Chinese Orchestra

Members’ Reflection